the ball whisk

Randonnée Ball Whisk

“Randonneuring is the only sport that you don’t have to be that good at and your friends still think you’re a hero.” — Laurent Chambard

Edit away as you guys find stuff that should be on the list!


Randonneurs Ontario tech page: An excellent set of how-to’s. The code on the page is seriously borked, though so visit it with javascript disabled or face browser woes.

Really basic bike packing info. Note the disassembly of the Cervelo Tri bike in heels….love it!

Race Reports (worth reading):

200k in SF: Good story with good photos. Mental note: start working on homemade mud flaps. Wonder if I can crochet some. The font is minuscule, so I bumped it a bit to read it, btw.

1000k in BC: Ah, the real stuff now — this reads like an 100m report. Good wisdom here, def a must read for PBPing.

PBP on a fix: Excellent report. Very detailed, with lots of juicy wisdomy bits.

300k on a fix: Great read ends with beer. The fix thing is starting to make me wonder. Browse the rest of this blog for a nice PBP report as well.


I’ll endevour to improve these links as time progresses:
Fr. Cycling Vocab


Northwest Fleche fixie group: Snazzy slides of a fixie contingent riding a set of inspiring lookin fixes.

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  1. sleeping riders wrapped in space blankets like half-eaten burritos in greasy aluminum foil…love it

    Comment by groenefee — April 29, 2008 @ 7:19 am

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