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April 13, 2009



Check this ladies and gents

The Nietzsche Family Circus

Thanks KM

We all know Garfield Minus Garfield, but here’s a good reason to bring it back up! This is po-mo cartooning at its finest

February 27, 2009

COMBIPOST As long as we’re gaming/college albums to reconsider

Everything Zen?

So many title for so little content! A bit like the actual action of both of todays offerings. First and most importantly ZENBOUND…the new game app for the iphone that seems to be freakin’ cool.


As we continue the self-abusive retrostomp back to the 92-97 period, I offer an album that every young thing that I wanted to hit on seemed to love, Bush’s Sixteen Stone. I’ll own the fact that I only thought that the lead singer was kinda hot and that Glycerine was the dumbest lyric/title that I ever heard, yet managed to enjoy the song.

The album did amazingly well for trashy stuff. And, I’d dare say we could all sing along to too many of these lil Bastards.


February 19, 2009

So Since we’re digging up trash from undergrad

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I’m going to put forward an argument following the CC debate that Siamese Dream deserves a re-listen. This should pique the newly minted Chi-towner in the family K. 93. Hit 10 on the Billboard top 200, but I would argue unlike CC that had wide penetration into the adult easy listening market, that the Pumpkins’ SD was bought almost exclusively by the young and had a much larger presence in the dorms.

lil’ bill corgan is a half-wit but the music on SD hits some pretty fuckin’ high notes for a sell-out fest.

Please listen to Soma, Geek USA, or the B-Side Obscured for reference.

Holds up over time.


February 12, 2009

Counting Crows are better than your band

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Okay, I didn’t actually read this whole article, but the sentiment is accurate. “We” don’t like the CC’s because adam duritz is a putz and they got too popular. That said, August and Everything After was possibly the single most influential album on the 92-96′ college years, and all the damn bands we listen to now pretty much listened to it then so they’re making stuff which is artistically descended from it.

I’m nto saying they’re the velvet underground of our beer bong days, but I’d like to go on record as never having rejected them.

ed. S.

In related news.

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