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September 28, 2009

K I think this is something I need to play this winter.

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Chinese Room have developed two mods to half-life 2 that explore deeper parts of the “first” in FPS.

hat tip to /.

See Korsakovia Review

April 8, 2009

Really, Madison, really?

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I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed this little gem made the front cover of both our local papers today … Ok, verdict’s in. I’m ashamed.

February 27, 2009

COMBIPOST As long as we’re gaming/college albums to reconsider

Everything Zen?

So many title for so little content! A bit like the actual action of both of todays offerings. First and most importantly ZENBOUND…the new game app for the iphone that seems to be freakin’ cool.


As we continue the self-abusive retrostomp back to the 92-97 period, I offer an album that every young thing that I wanted to hit on seemed to love, Bush’s Sixteen Stone. I’ll own the fact that I only thought that the lead singer was kinda hot and that Glycerine was the dumbest lyric/title that I ever heard, yet managed to enjoy the song.

The album did amazingly well for trashy stuff. And, I’d dare say we could all sing along to too many of these lil Bastards.


Wooden toys, cool; but web based shooters, cooler.

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Quake Live is in Beta. Fire up the winders.

February 16, 2009

Interesting Economic Analysis of Game Exploit on EVE

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Here’s a fascinating look into illegality in virtual markets. For four years 200 gamers have had an illegal resource trade in the EVE online game.

Here’s the companies cool analysis.

Here’s a summary for non-EVE people.

January 22, 2009

A Grab Bag of Delights

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Its the RU Ortho Ephiphany and every year there is some incredible pro-Opheliac eye candy. So far from this year:

That said..two games to keep on radar:

Blueberry Garden

And Coil (no instructions…Flash based)

August 8, 2008

Holy Red China!

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Have you folks seen the pics of the opening ceremony for the Olympics? Gotta admit, I was like SPARKLY, yay, can’t wait for tonight.

May 9, 2008

Singing the praises!

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I just wanted to sing the praises of Mario Kart Wii. Wow. It’s all I ever wanted from a low investment mind-number.

Proffered Diversion for SCIENCE

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here, enjoy your molecular bio timewaster

i hear tell the mac is buggy…what’s new?

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