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November 4, 2010

Really spot on article

Filed under: Feet — groenefee @ 9:31 am

So whiskers, this article hits stuff we talk about constantly. really nice stuff. I love that in this article this dude, who has a national voice, is extolling the sacrificial, group bonding nature of sport. Especially to the point is the correct and under asserted in today’s functional reduction culture notion that compassion and competition exist twinned instead of at loggerheads.

Not a huge TPP fan (far too reductive and value assumptive) nor a barefoot convert, but very much enjoy the direction that this guy is growing.



Filed under: Music — quietglow @ 8:15 am

The Buddy finally busted me out of my months of music doldrums. Mega thanks s-man. I dug into my music investigation list last night, and here’s what we’ve found so far

My Robot Friend

Frightened Rabbit (god I love this song)


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