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October 19, 2010

Windup Girl

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I’m reading this now, and thought you guys might enjoy it. Sci-fi dystopia centered around something which is pretty novel for the genre: food.

Windup Girl



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  1. Alright, so i read this. Just a few thoughts:
    1) If I have to read another male SciFi reader get his professional kicks by trying to describe or even lionize a female sexually abused robot, Im going to stop touching the genre period. Emiko’s interior narration was gawdawful and frankly patronizing. It read like cheap penthouse forum letters from the “women” that just happen to write in.
    2) Writers that grow up watching action and scifi films should never, and I mean never, be allowed to write about combat or fighting or guns or weapons or especially the martial arts. The fight scenes in this book read like an 8th grader trying to explain the matrix.
    3) Do most scifi writers go into the genre because they can drop adjectives like vermillion and utterly and other maximal and super-saturated descriptors without being called hacks?
    4) All this would indicate that I hated Windup Girl, and I’m not sure if I did. The plot and intricacies of a mired political/social system doomed to internal collapse were persuasive at times. I’m not sure how i feel about a dude living in Western Colo. kicking out Thai culture references, but to be fair, the world is fairly full and interesting in the book. The notion of seed banks as vital gene-hacking resources rings very true and very of today’s concerns (I say this as complement). I really thought the writing was poor, but that the concept and thought put into the books superstructure were worthwhile. Perhaps a book written as though the author wanted to watch Blade Runner, should have been a screenplay not a book.

    Really a Hugo nominee?

    Anyway, made me get Thai food yesterday and for that I thank it.

    Comment by groenefee — October 31, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

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