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April 30, 2009

I wasn’t going to post it

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but then I did:


I quit

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Just so all of you–my dearest friends–know, I am now unemployed. A., the rockstar that she is made me see that I needed to ply my trade elsewhere. I’m thinking about open sourcing this employment search.

April 29, 2009

hunt for gollum

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i know, i know — fan vid.

but the trailer is entertaining in and of itself.

April 28, 2009

Devon takes her first overseas win

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Devon on Podium

Devon on Podium

pretty bad ass

April 21, 2009


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no words to describe it

April 20, 2009

how not to make friends in the peloton

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the current flap in the peloton, in case you’ve missed it, is what exactly ol’ theo bos is doing to the leader of the tour of turkey at 3:45 in this vid

here’s my read and it helps to freeze frame at 3:42 to see this:

theo is going into those barriers at 30mph and he knows it — he knows his wreck in inevitable. he’s scared or pissed or some combo and he grabs whomever is next to him in anger/spite/adrenaline.

or he just decided to take the dude out. in any case, that dude needs to switch sports cause I forsee people in front of him are going to suddenly have a very difficult time holding onto their water bottles and stuff.

April 19, 2009

Are you Canadain now?

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(Thanks to Rachel Maddow for this little gem.)

April 15, 2009


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I’m just gonna say please watch (and thanks to boing boing)

April 13, 2009



Check this ladies and gents

The Nietzsche Family Circus

Thanks KM

We all know Garfield Minus Garfield, but here’s a good reason to bring it back up! This is po-mo cartooning at its finest

April 12, 2009


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I was going to write something, but this really does sum it up. That was a beautiful and inspiring race today.

Big congrats to Mr. Boonen.

Here’s a good summary.

The money quote, from Husovd about his heart wrenching crash at just the wrong time:

“I attacked on the Arbre and I didn’t even know Tom was on my wheel. Without this stupid crash, I would have arrived with him to the velodrome and I think I would have the sprint,” Hushovd said.

“If I lose a sprint it’s because someone is stronger than me. You never know, but to lose the chance because of this stupid crash is hard. It will be hard to forget.”

Yeah, I’ll bet. As hard as he went down, it was astounding to see him get back on the bike and chase up for third. These dudes are made of freakin iron.

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