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March 31, 2009


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I like how all new posts are either about a: cycling or b: pig meat.

chi is gonna have a bacon fest. I know y’all are gonna attend, right?

I love the haiku:

Bacon.  You are joy.
How I love to smell you cook.
In my mouth you’re home.

March 30, 2009

RDC race/ride/whatever cal

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It’s over there in the side bar, and I think I gave everyone read write privs. If we keep our bigger/more important rides there it may facilitate planning. I don’t want to get all M-A and insist we all eat spaghetti, so ignore at your will.

March 29, 2009

Oh Snap. Pig Dinner. Again.

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Anyone, anyone?

March 27, 2009

best. album. description. evar.

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“And so an album that began its life as an acoustic jam session in the bucolic woods outside Seattle ends in a cartoon orgy of bloodshed in some mythical arena that exists in the darkest recesses of Emily Haines’ mind. Each extreme represents a fantasy in their own right: the ideal of hermetic artistic purity versus the spectacle of excess and decadence.”

the new metric. quoted from here.

March 26, 2009


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I didn’t listen to this whole thing, but it’s making quite the stir in the bike world. Don’t miss the comments below. My fav:

“You DO look stupid. You’re riding your bike in Madison…not the tour de france. Is all that garb really necessary?”

I take this kind of thing to be like commentary of racists who’s neighborhood switched ethnicity 10 years before and they’re still bitter about it. Pissed about bikers? Maybe pick someplace like rural mississippi to live.

On the upside, it looks as if Mad has passed an anti-dooring law.

ed. BSNYC on the Homoeroticism/Homophobia in the show.

March 18, 2009

J. you now eat meat, do you eat shmeat?

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The Colbert Report on PeTA and SHMEAT

March 17, 2009

Race alert

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I got roundly thrashed for not being inclusive for the H-R, so I’m putting this out there as I learn about it. Flatlandia is bringing a seriously needed gen-you-eyen road race into our area. Not only is it a bona-fide road race, but it’s in the belgian kermesse style complete with some crappy roads. If we register as 30+ we get to try to hang for 50 miles. Who’s in?


Er, here’s the flyer

March 16, 2009

fun vid and new site

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I’ve been meaning to post a link to cyclingtips in case you guys have missed it. Despite the banal name, it’s actually a pretty entertaining read on most days. Yesterday (today, whatever — they’re aussies) they posted a snazzy crit video. Woohoo, one more week until the week o racing!

March 13, 2009

scary and hilarious all at once

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check this CL post before it’s gone

P-N live

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Of course it’s not until the end of the week that I find this, but the P-N is live online now.

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