the ball whisk

December 21, 2008


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Having trouble holding those LT intervals on the trainer while entertained with thinky documentaries? Do what the euros do:

Have some Hardstyle.

Also, c.f.: Sensation Black

December 20, 2008

Unsilent Night Tonight Chicago

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Family K you should attend tonight’s unsilent night in chicago @ 7:30.

December 17, 2008

This snow tastes like burning….

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December 14, 2008


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F.I.B. Leeches

December 12, 2008

Need pushing

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I’m about to go for it.

December 9, 2008

help me do some harassing

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enough with s talking about doing the polar plunge every year. let’s force him to do it this year. anyone up for some peer pressure? here’s a little inspiration, something i like to call ‘you aint against raising money for special olympians are you… wimp?’

thought not.

The Ball Whisk B’Day Party

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Gotta earn the BnB

Gotta earn the BnB

Well Loved Ones, we are here at the end of a very wonderful year. I cannot tell you how much this last year has brought in the way of transformation. In the spirit of one of the wiser among us, I offer that we’re just 20 or so days away from a wonderfully symmetrical celebration. Yes, A., I’ve been thinking a lot about you and J and E and A and symmetry and I cannot wait to have a fantastic new years with you.

Start thinking of E. fun things for us to do. Hopefully the snowpack will hold and we can go cx skiing and sledding with our old friend BnB never far from our napoleon pockets.

Wonderful Winter Tidings to you friends!

Yea!!!! Winter is here!

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First real winter commute of the season...weee

First real winter commute of the season...weee

Waxing the skis today and want to sing the praises of Nokian Hakka’s in the 35 700. Carved the snow like a big silver and red tranny on good acid.

Why aren’t you out in this joy J.?

December 5, 2008

My Plea for better bike path management in Madison

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So here in chilly Madison, WI, those of us that winter bike commute are treated every year to the joy of fresh snow in the morning only to have a soupy mess by the evening commute. The reason? Our city sands the bike paths. Sand creates this loose less stable surface that quickly erodes drive trains. My only thought is that the sand is laid down for all the damn dog walkers to not bust arse. I would heartily recommend short short leashes and YakTrax. Imagine if we treated roads not for cars but for pedestrians how loud the uproar would be.

I’ve written to the city and I hope that through talking to people we might be able to affect change.

My wife and I have bike commuted for 3 Madison winters. Our only serious spills have happened when hitting the brown snow where the city has sanded. Please stop sanding the bike paths. Sand works great for cars, but turns roads into loose soup for narrow tyres like bikes. In addition it is the primary reason winter drivetrains breakdown on bikes. Please save money and stop sanding bike paths. If bike transportation is to be taken seriously here, we need bike sensitive route maintenance.

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