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October 28, 2008

Withholding assent

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but the impulsive side of me says good:

mtv decides to show videos again 20 years later

they have an Enya vid I’d never seen, for pete’s sake. haawt.

October 27, 2008

At first I thought, Kelly watch the stars rip-off then…

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this blossomed. My goodness the video is a joy from start to finish. So we’re still up for the show, right? We should grab tix if thats the case. Is it my latent homophobia that had me assuming that Jessie was a guy? No, Rick Springfield is the name of my latent homophilia.

October 22, 2008

New Years

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We threw down once...should we throw down again?

We threw down once...should we throw down again?

Wonderful K family…something makes me feel as though these years matter, and last year for some of us mattered a lot. We started the year together, wanna finish it? Camp Madison for New Years?

October 21, 2008

Jingle Cross Partay

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A little bit o fun in iowa city

any event that has a site that grotesquely beautiful has got to be good. word here is that its the grand finale of the season. I am workin on closing the deal on “we’re in.” y’all are, of course, invited.

HP what!

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The NYTimes is thowin’ down on Hyde Park. I find it lovely. How about you?

October 20, 2008

Cool idea: Free bikes

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Just skimmed a neato article in the NYTimes and wanted to share it with you guys.

race face is back

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and finally finds its home:

Turns out that it’s perfect for when you’re shoving the guy who just crashed out of your way in a sandpit.

October 17, 2008

RDC: A team of renaissance people

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Not content to simply ride, drink, AND climb, we also function as our own mechanics. This is plainly PRO+1.

Witness our recent handiwork:



(post mud fest greased lens porn shot)

October 10, 2008

2 days, 2 cx races. Discuss please.

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Badger Prarie in Verona is the 18th, Crosstoberfest is in Carpentersville on the 19th. What I see is two days of cross racing in a row with beer provided. Who’s in? We’re thinking of renting a car for the weekend.

Comon’ y’all: this could beat our record of comments on a post. I can feel it.

BTW, I’m rockin the Empella fork and have my eyes SHARPLY peeled for some tubs. I may ask for some pick-up assistance on the heliums.

October 8, 2008

my first cx practice

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well folks, it kicked my ass just like you said it would, and i loved every bit of it. here’s the steed in all her glory. i so dig her handlebars. she’s a heavy ‘un, but that just adds to the fun of it all. she handles like a gem on a windy course! i’ve gotta make all the practices, the people were great and super supportive and, might i add, way more hard core than i imagine i’ll ever be, and somehow that’s fine – both with me and them. it was a HUGE group, like 40-50 people showed up. i’m going to take the plunge and race eventually, although it turns out i can’t make the next one b/c of work. wish me luck. i’m going to need it like you wouldn’t believe. i am SLO-HO on the remount, and i’m bound to fall and cause all sorts of commotion eventually, although i avoided it tonight, so that’s good that the first impression i left wasn’t “hey, who’s the horizontal girl wearing her bike?”

one final note: death to all ass hatchets.


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