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August 31, 2008

Cute Moneyed Old Man Comments on NYC Bike Porn

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Note the NYT picture show today about the closing to autos of Park Ave. I woun’t blog this but the narrator is sooooo adorable. When he is in a very patrician way dumbfounded at this bicycle contraption that they must have built themselves…I was beside myself with laughter.

Innocent fun.

August 30, 2008

a google…

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According to Think Progress, if the conservatives have their way, our next president will have never sent an email for himself or gone on “a google.” 

August 29, 2008

“Teacher, can I borrow the gun?”

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Another stroke of rootin’ tootin’ inbred foolishness outta rural TX.

The NYT reports today about a “school board in this impoverished rural hamlet in North Texas” that allows teachers to concealed carry to school.

Favorite bit?

In the center of the storm is Mr. Thweatt, a man who describes himself as “a contingency planner,” who believes Americans should be less afraid of protecting themselves and who thinks signs at schools saying “gun-free zone” make them targets for armed attacks. “That’s like saying sic ’em to a dog,” he said.

August 28, 2008

Manly bike

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Too good not to post.

August 27, 2008

Microsoft’s “privacy mode” for Internet Explorer

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From the BBC:

Medical test

Australian blogger Long Zheng has found two patent applications made by Microsoft on 30 July for ideas it calls “Cleartracks” and “Inprivate”. The applications deal with methods of erasing data that browsing programs log, turning off features that record sites visited or notifying users of what sites are doing to log a visit.

Users may wish to turn on the privacy mode if they are planning a surprise party, buying presents or researching a medical condition and do not want others users of the same computer to find out.

I am impressed with the BBC because: 1) They even bothered to come up with reasons for privacy mode that are not Porn related 2) That they came up with THREE plausible non-porn reasons

That is good investigative journalism.

If A and S had a music baby, and it was a little slow, would this be it?

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Thinking about you…

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Kick some ass on your premlims, A!

With your superior brain skills, you will easily wow them all.

August 26, 2008

CL stolen bike ads

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They usually bother me. You left your $2k madone chained up while you drank beer and you want me to be sad that it was stolen?

This one, however, is okay.

Dominus in spirtum es hot pokerum in rectum ad bike theiftom. Amen

CSA Lovin’

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So, family B, you have inspired me to do things I would have thought impossible only a year ago.

While living in Carbondale without a car would have been impossible (or at least difficult enough to be infeasible), in the City it is perfect.

However, by far, the thing that has changed the way I live my life that you have influenced is introducing me to the idea of a CSA. Every Saturday I delight in the riches of my beautiful, colorful, delicious box of veggies (and the fruits every other week) that will sustain and delight me the rest of the week.

So, a big thanks for broadening my perspective and introducing me to something wonderful!

Ya’ll feelin’ fall?

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So, my slight apathy toward long rides had me a bit concerned. I felt like things were off: body ached, nothing felt robust, a few pounds crept back in. Then J. passed along this post at BKN (note BKN now in our links section) that hit me perfectly. Junk Miles! 80%! yes yes yes! That is exactly what I’m feeling. I need to lower my milage as the days shorten. Peppy summer music needs to give way to fall.

I’m very much ready for Labour day. I’m very much ready for an easy K&B family Junk-mile-a-thon. Perhaps we’ll ride out to the Rox? Maybe not. But I’m re-engaging in a way that only cooler weather can make me.

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