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June 30, 2008


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The Cascade 1200k bruthas and sistahs are being roasted alive. Looks like pretty consistent daytime temps in the 100s. Only a few have finished and lots of DNFs.


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So Landis loses his appeal


a few days ago the times ran a story showing some serious problems detecting the (very effective) most common doping drug: EPO.

Kinda doesn’t look good when you’re stripping the maillot jaune from the winner of the most visible biking event in the world while sneaky reporters are showing your testing seems to have worse than random accuracy.

“The paper certainly is an eye-opener,” said Don Catlin, the chief executive of Anti-Doping Research, a nonprofit group in Los Angeles. “It’s quite remarkable.”

Hahahah. No kidding?

Challenge Issued

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I hereby propose the first annual K/B Family Stupor Hilly Century. I have a route. It will hurt. But with a really early leave time, this could be a fairly epic feeling day that all four of us could finish.

The course flows through my favorite parts of Dane county (including the hill that gave me a PR top speed). Hitting the Roxbury, Wollersheim, the wisconsin river, Mazo (nude beach option), Cross Plains for coffee and Essers Best, My favorite view of the Capitol, A&S’s Favorite Madison Bar, both lakes and end of the day cerveza y antojitos.

I say, let’s have a serious all day-er out in WI this year!

PS there will be hills.

I can’t believe that I’m posting this

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But this shows the lack of concern I have for your consumption.

June 28, 2008

Gears, tubs, muffins oh my!

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Summary is here.

June 27, 2008

Selle San Marco Regal

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If Tom Boonen is riding one, I suppose it’s got to be decent. Review here. I am thinkin this model (note the chrome rivets as opposed to the copper):

About $100 via fleabay.

PRO tested on the below:

And while we’re talkin what gets you through the P-R, here are the requisite tires:

Vittoria Pave EVO PROs. Available in tubular AND clincher 😉 Not in any other color though.

Gluing and Cascade 1200

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Gluing tubs kinda sucks.


Follow along with the people having fun at the Cascade 1200k this weekend.

June 26, 2008

Vittorias and century

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At long, long last: a set of Vittorias are stretching on the rims. Glue up will be tomorrow early am in place of the morning ride. Tomorrow is a rest day for 30 on sat and my first VC group lead (the Slow Group) on Sunday for 70. Unofficial plans are for a post-70 breakway for beers in Wicker Park and an even 100. All day in the saddle on new tire tech, new gears tech and gossamer wheels! Yay!

Went through blackbird row this morning sans RP and no attacks. Must be the pink. I don’t blame ’em: it scared me at first too.

June 25, 2008

Sigur Ros

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Anyone picking up the new one? First listen, sounds better than Takk (which bored me).

June 24, 2008

Mean Birds

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Apparently the bbc is reporting that Chicago has some pissy birds
Does the RP protect, J?

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