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May 31, 2008

El went wii rather than coniglio

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Riding to get mario and a controller now. Hit me with your contact infos and we’ll ride er drive.

We need to ride this

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This was my ride this am, and man this has to be the flagship for me. It has all that city riding offers: massive headwinds on the lake, rollerbladers to buzz, solid head-down crankable long streets, traffic dodging, a trip through downtown with els roaring overhead, cafe con leche, a bike shop that sells bianchi, and the potential to be hassled by a gangsta while at a red light. Beautiful.
Cafe con leche run fron Hyde Park
Find more Bike Rides in Chicago, Illinois

May 30, 2008


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Campy super record cranks use 144mm BCD chainrings. Other than old Campy, the only other application of 144 BCD chainrings is on many contemporary track bikes. Those chainrings, though, also use 1/8″ track chains which means also needing a matching rear sprocket. Oh and to make it juicy, it’s not really clear that Campy ever made 42T 144BCD chainrings (since that would be kinda small for a big ring).

The moral of the story: if you have old fancy campy cranks and want a smaller chainring, you’re gonna be upgrading your drivetrain to 1/8″ or paying collectors prices for the VERY scarce ebay appearances of smaller chainrings. This is the moral that ol’ Chuck was not filling me in on.

For your consideration dear cyclists

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Thought, you all’d get a kick outta this cycling blog. here’s the rss

RR DD and Terrorism at the BBC

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just a heads-up for those out there that like the lil sausagebodied smile machine Rachel Ray or those among us who suck the black gold of duncan

from the bbc

For what it’s worth

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I contacted an italian guy who knows Paletti in Italy about Cupcake. His response:

Penso sia degli anni ’70 non so dire il modello per ora

If he’s right, that may have been a better buy than I imagined.


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What happened to the riding blog?

May 29, 2008

biggest waste of a half hour in the form of a video

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I won’t pull the trigger, but will you?

Riding list

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FWIW. And not quite 2 hours, sorry. It has been keeping me entertained for a couple of weeks, however.


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Eh? Note that the font is Broadway a la Miami Vice.

Edit: dunno what’s up with WP’s image hosting. It’s here now:

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