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April 29, 2008


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Maybe the first big un? 2009?

Peasant Woman’s Shoes

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Another inspiring (post PBP) bike. I don’t miss the high-rez view of the bottle cage “mounts.” Awesome.

April 28, 2008

iPhone problem

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So, I just noticed that the small switch on the side of my iphone is broken. It’s the one that puts the ringer on silent, and now it’s stuck in that position… I guess I’ll have to go into the store. Gr.

My rando esthetic

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After a whole slew of rando eq reading, I think this bike has become my inspiration:

Starting to make a list of what I’m missing:

  • Brooks b-17
  • cages
  • computer
  • clipless system
  • trunk bag
  • fenders

Totally doable pre-August for sure. Going to make a trip to the shop tomorrow to start the hunting.

August 16th, 2008

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200k. Go.

(TAG & CAT. ED. S.)

April 27, 2008

8.278 MPH

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We need to do better than that for 90 hours. Go.

April 26, 2008

SOTLing prelims

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I know S has probably already done this but just in case:

We’re gonna be doing some CTAn so I’d go ahead and get a 2 day pass. From the airport take the BL downtown.¬† From there you can get down here either by train or bus: for the metra, get off at the Washington stop and then head to the metra station (underground) on Randolph (trains leave every half hour or so). Our metra stop is 57th street. For bus: get off the BL at Monroe and walk one block east to State (stay on the west side of State). Grab the #6 bus south. Our stop on the bus is 55th street. Once you’re getting close, give us a ring.

BTW, super bustery and cold is the forecast so act accordingly.

Cannot wait to see you guys!!

April 24, 2008


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By the way, Artropolis is this weekend–arguably the biggest arts event in Chi. Some less spin-y write up of it via the Chicagoist. If you guys see anything interesting to you, just let me know and we can work it into the plans. I haven’t scanned the events yet, but will update if I see something particularly good.

Edit: As the Chicagoist notes, there are about a zillion gallery openings in the west loop and river north. Even better, they seem to be running mostly from 5-9. Can you say free wine and dinner pre-show? If there is popular interest, I’ll make us a list of likely stops.

More Edit: There is a large concentration of galleries on Superior, which is about the half-way point between our place and the show–just to give you spacial perspective.

April 23, 2008


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Please note full line-up

3000 tickets 3 days

SOTL funny interview

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Oh my dear sweet lord the interviewer here is a complete tool and our dear Stars of the Lidders underscore how simple and resonant their focus seems to be. One should point out that dry humor often dies on page.

of note, “If one of us does fall asleep I think that would be a huge victory. Adam’s been known to drool on stage before and if we can’t pass out to a record while in production, it typically doesn’t make the cut.”

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