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January 29, 2008


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Maybe singing this in our board review will help out.

The Democrat’s Reagan

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I cannot believe I am posting a link to this site, but here it is. Look at that story, and look at the comments.

I Return!

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Why haven’t I posted in years?  Dunno.  I’m back and with a winner…Couldn’t pass this gem from the Moscow times up. 

mmmmmmm technical fluids…..

January 24, 2008

A+ for making me feel like I’m living in Blade Runner

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A hacker group called Anonymous has declared war on the Church of Scientology. They did this in a youtube video (which will be gone shortly I am sure). Worth watching if only for the chilling robot voice.

Hit me on my iPhone

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Too good not to share. 

January 23, 2008

Public Integrity Archive

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While there’s nothing we didn’t already know in this archive, this database is crazy thorough – it documents the shit the administration fed us after 911 that led to the war (found it in the NYTimes today). What I can’t understand is how this information, among other obvious stuff, doesn’t qualify for some fat impeachment action.

January 19, 2008

speaking of architecture…omg

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While looking at rentals today we ran across this. That is Mies van der Rohe’s first skyscraper, and it’s located about 4 blocks from UC in Hyde Park. It’s called The Promontory after Promontory Point — a park and beach — which is across the street. From a Times article in 1986:

It is worth remembering that the 1949 Promontory Apartments at 5530 South Shore Drive, a streamlined 22-story apartment house, came about because a barely 30-year-old Chicago developer, Herbert Greenwald, wanted to build the finest architecture using modern technology. Walter Gropius told him Mies was his man; and in designing the Promontory, Mies in fact sought only available stock items; he used reinforced concrete (even the inside window sills are concrete) with the same buff brick for the panels, and aluminum for window frames.

Because the concrete columns fronting the building bear less weight as they rise, he expressed this by thinning them down so that they step back at three points and appear like buttresses on a Gothic cathedral. The floor in the glass-enclosed lobby is concrete with stone aggregate that is polished smooth but is left rough outside the building. The buff brick and this outdoor paving make a beautiful blend with the columns.

And nothing was missed – distinctive mail boxes and mail rooms, and indirect lighting in the elevator. From a solarium on the top floor the length of the long facade, one faces the lake and the small inlet between Promontory Point and the lighthouse where the lagoons opened up for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

So the first Internationalist residence in the US? With brutalist use of concrete? We’re totally in. They are renting that very unit (which has been for sale) for exactly what we were thinking we wanted to spend. We’re going to try to look tomorrow.

January 16, 2008

architecture in town I can’t wait to see

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We’d been wondering what the building project at the Museum of Science and Industry is. Come to find out, it’s a full on build of one of these new awesome concept prefab houses. Check it.

And I really despise flash sites, but the Calatrava Spire video at the site devoted to it gives me goose bumps every time I watch it. I cannot wait to see this thing built.

January 15, 2008

National Popular Vote (NPV)

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Sometimes I wish I could go back to my political science classes and force myself to pay much closer attention. This article about an alternative electoral vote plan would be so much clearer to me if I had paid closer attention. As it is, it seems important, but I’m not all that sure how it works.

Ugh, I’ll skip the cloned hamburger, thanks.

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Cloned meat stock is approved by the FDA. I feel simultaneously really unhappy about this and then unhappy with myself because the base of my initial revulsion is probably entirely emotive. Then I realize that if I start looking for an argument to prop up my revulsion, I really am just rationalizing. So I am gonna just stick with my initial revulsion.

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