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December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

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Merry Christmas from france!

The Current Miss France
FAZ art
And in related (not at all) news…FAZ reports this dandy is selling for €9500 

December 16, 2007

A Finished her whip

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So the wrapping finished, the Sekai with Sturmey and Nitto bars..a bit of a bastard but pretty nice for a campus-ridin’-beater-bike.  sekai2sekai1Sekai3 

December 12, 2007

Since QG is taking a break…

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Gw00t3  Here is the most quietglowey post I’ve had in a long while. Al, poke j and have him look at this one.

quietglow is on sabbatical

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Taking a break from whisking. Y’all know where to find me 😛

December 11, 2007

Rethinking Localvorism

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Times article on the stickiness of eating locally.  Money quote: 

It gets stickier. If a low-carbon diet is your goal, Mr. Tomich suggests, it may be more effective to change your diet than to focus on eating local. After all, a plant-based diet tends to have a much smaller carbon footprint than a diet that includes meat. That is because a pound of steak requires many more pounds of grain as feed —and all the carbon emissions associated with that, from fertilizers that are derived from fossil fuels to the fuel for the combines used for the harvest, he said. 

December 10, 2007


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I know y’all have been wondering what to get me for Christmas. I’ll take a set of hammerhead shark bars/stem done by this dude. kthxbai. 

I know what i’m eatin’ on my century next year

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Here’s all the food an übermensch needs to bike all day long.

Why haven’t we posted this yet?????

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We’ve been singing it for days, it’s about time we share the love – the true story of Washington.ed. NSFW  ed again for spussy new

December 9, 2007

i’m pretty upset about this one

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December 7, 2007

Helvetica redux

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more on helvetica on 360

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