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November 26, 2007

No time to elabo-blog but,

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Pretty photo essay at the nyt today

November 23, 2007

Old Codgers Kill Mexican Language

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One of the many rapidly disappearing languages of mexico is seeing the moment of its death personified in two pissy old men.

November 22, 2007

Turkey Trot

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10.5 minute miles…. i’m pretty happy

November 20, 2007

More ritualized objectification of women…

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At Jet’s games it’s normal for men to gather at halftime to cat-call and  chant at women passing by. How does this sort of behavior become “normal” enough to the point of becoming some sort of sick tradition? It’s rather upsetting, and I think it’s unfair to expect the women to be the ones to take a stance against the behavior, but rather I expect the men who participate in it, as well as their male peers who have a great amount of influence over them. Unfortunately, I don’t think the NYTimes article addressed that point much.

November 19, 2007

Howl’s Moving Castle rocks

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Watched it last night and was blown away–our favorite Miyazaki flick yet. The animation is jaw droppingly gorgeous. I’m not sure if they are using computer generated assistance or what, but the color was by far the best I’ve seen in an animated movie. The plot is also somewhat more epic than others of his that I’ve seen (excepting Princess Mononoke, maybe).

November 16, 2007

Film review from the NYT

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I thought this looked like fun film fodder until I noticed Tom Waits in the trailer.  Now I really wanna see this one.  Is it playing in Chitown?  Its not currently in Madison.

November 15, 2007

Assorted Music Blogging

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Right luvly people:items of note:Email this AM from Monster Movie, everyone’s favorite post-slowdive pop outfit…

 Save Arseholes From Satan’s Power  

Monster Movie love Christmas. We also love a Double A-side. And, as the girls that walk passed us in the street know, both sides are always A-sides with Monster Movie.We have been working well hard in our West London shitholes, to come up with these gifts that won’t stop giving. We have recorded two Christmas songs, as we threatened we would. One, the A-side, is called ‘Emmanuel’ and it’s electro-pop. The other, the A-side, is called ‘Christmas Card’ and it’s a bit of a mid-tempo ballad. Both these songs will be available from the 1st December until the 24th December via our web-site in two formats:Homemade CD-R single. We made the songs and we’ve made the cover. We take the blame for everything. For $7 (postage & packing included) you will get a CD-R in a Christmas card made by Monster Movie, we will even make the card out to you so please enter your first name in the PayPal form and any other instructions you have for us, Monster Movie. This will be a limited edition of 100, all hand-numbered. Download. Both songs will be available for download. There will be a Donate button by the downloads, so you can have these for free, but remember we are not as rich as Radiohead (simply because we are not as good as Radiohead), and we’re saving up to record an album, please don’t make us do it on our Clock Radio/Tape Recorder. Please understand that we have day jobs and might not be able to post the cards off immediately, but we will do our best. P.S. If you go to this: our songs will be available on a free compilation CD-R. Unfortunately, Sean Hewson will also be playing Glam-Rock for a couple of hours at the beginning of the evening.

Step into Christmas 

So that’s that with that…Grizzly Bear Notes. B McC notes in his music blog that one of his friends (a dedicated music nearbyer) has posted two fun YouTuberoos of an Icelandic Dinner with the members of Grizzly Bear.So here’s a story about a Wise Gnome and here’s the daring food portion of the drinkfest.

November 14, 2007

Animal Cruelty?

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via the Times: Cat killing bird lover on trial.

Java NES

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666 NES games in your browser–and very quick emulation too. This is one of those links I kinda wish I hadn’t found.

Most beautiful FPS ever?

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 Our next game maybe?

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