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October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!

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Am I the last person to realize that Halloween can be written with an apostrophe between the two e’s??  Apparently it’s a contraction for “even(ing)”.  Yes, I’m a slow linguist, which is also proven by my recent (belated) realization that the words Sabbath (Sabbat, Shavat) and Sabatical are (likely) related. Ok, that’s my armchair analysis, but it seems pretty obvious. I love this holiday! 

Finally, NYT dining gets a pair of gonads

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Happiest of Halloween!!!

Don’t burn down the house with this cock-tail from the NYTimes today

What’s that The National lyric? Ahhh, here I thought it was “blue blazin” but, no.

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citibank lights
arm in arm in arm and eyes and eyes glazing under
oh you wouldn’t want an angel watching over
surprise, surprise they wouldn’t wannna watch
another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

Ahh I guess we can thank the Decemberists for allowing the flourishing of the dandy artful poseur in our lyrics. I’ll drink a begrudging cheers to that all-too self important band (is band too pedestrian for their tastes? Ought we say collective? How would Wilde have put it…some form of institution supporting a loose assemblage of miscreants and cads that happen, as a matter of course, to produce sound behind their musings…or some such poncy drivel.)

“The purer something is,” he said, “the dirtier it will become.”

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Food blogging from the K’s couch….actually kinda a good blogging environment.Here’s a little tale about dirty expired secrets in Japanese sweets.Besides, who can beat a quote like that?

October 27, 2007

New journal site

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Just FYI everyone he Heinz School has its political journal online HERE. RSS feed to come.  the writing is much better than the Webby 2.0 design.

October 23, 2007

A, We’re alone here.

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It’s a little creepy in this ghost-town of a blog…looks like no one really came by.

October 9, 2007

Idiomatic expressions

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Does anyone have input to why certain languages would rely on idioms more than others (ehem, Dutch, English)? One of the largest tasks of learning Dutch is to learn an insane amount of idioms, but I never had to do that in German. Any musings would enlighten…

October 6, 2007

A first post with substance, joe

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Thought I’d offer a simple lovely bit o food to start things off:

From the Silver Spoon: Riso con Spinachi Serves 4

1lb 5oz Spinach

3T butter

13/4 C long grain rice

1/2 C Parm

Salt to taste

cook spin in 2 1/4 C lightly salted water 5min.

squeeze and drain, reserve liquid

chop spin

melt .5 butter in skillet

add spin to butter and cook 5 min

cook rice in reserved liquid 15-18 min


put rice in warm serving dish, toss with remaining buttertop with spin and parmenjoy love this one…its outta season but next spring enjoy those heaps of farmers market greens!


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First Post

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